11 Inspiring Quotes of Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin

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Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin, the wife of Pastor Paul Adefarasin, the founder and senior pastor of House on the rock is not just a beautiful woman, but also anointed with deep and inspiring words. And today, we bring to you some inspiring Quotes from Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin that will bless you.

1.. You have been blessed with a beautiful glow. It’s your joy! It’s your smile that comes from what is within! It’s that inner radiance that emanates from you; that brilliant quality that is so uniquely yours because no one can glow quite like you.

2. Life will always be full of its twists and turns, and perhaps your road might have been rough and twisted. But it’s a new day! And a new week! With new opportunities for a better and brighter future regardless of how the past might have been.

3. Once your faith locks into what God has provided, don’t let it go.

4. Faith is yours to bring, Grace is God’s to provide, and it had been provided completely before you were born. When your Faith meets His Grace, everything becomes possible. So, how much Faith do you have? God is able to do above and beyond all you can ask or imagine. Don’t put limits on yourself.

5. It can appear almost cruel when God tells you in His word to count it all joy when you go through diverse temptations and trials (James 1: 2). I mean who tells anyone to suffer gladly and to count it as something to be joyful about.

6. You have to remind yourself that God also said He would never give you more than you can bear; so whatever you are going through, even though it is definitely not fun, it is something you can handle. It will stretch you! It will hurt you! But it will not break you! It will only make you stronger!

7. Keep your joy. Hold on to your joy. Find joy in anything and everything. The enemy‘s attack on you is on your joy. He strategises to ensure that you don’t have joy and the strength required to draw out EVERYTHING that you need out of the wells of salvation. (Remember that salvation is not just eternal life but encompasses everything that pertains to an abundant life here on earth.)

8. Decisions determine your destiny. Decisions shape your future. How you triumph in the global shift caused by Covid-19 is connected to the decisions that you make.

9.  Believe in God but also believe in yourself! People are going to try to define you, tell you who you are, put you in a box, and make you conform to their expectations of who they think you ought to be.

10. You will always have detractors but don’t focus on them, put your energy into becoming the best version of yourself possible, and expressing the hidden treasures inside you. Let the real you out.
The stage is set. The curtains are drawn back. It’s time to step forward and let the real you out.

11. Grace is such a powerful reality! It is an unlimited supply in the life of a believer, and when you know how to walk in it and put your faith to work, you will be a winner in every sphere of life.


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