2021 Countdown: Whats Your Gratitude?

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In less than 26 days, 2020 will be over. What’s your gratitude?

Has the Lord been good?

Has He been wonderful?

Has He been faithful?

Has He been merciful and gracious?

These questions are left for you to answer, looking back and knowing how much God has done all these things for you.

Has it ever occurred to you that the reason you are still living is only just for a purpose?, and God still have something great in store for you.

You’ve tried messing up and then you heard this voice saying “Don’t do it, it’s not yet over”, don’t you think these are all for a reason?

What’s your Gratitude?

You escaped that accident, abduction, God delivered you from that sickness, hardship, poverty, and so many evil things that wanted to take your life this year. It’s all for a reason.

So, count it all Joy for that you are still living. In the midst of your challenges count it all Joy, in the midst of your trials and temptations count it all Joy, in the midst of hardship count it all Joy, because there’s gonna be a shift.

Begin to count all the achievements you’ve made this year and be grateful to God. Assess them and see that they are all beyond assessment.

Look at your life and see how far God has brought you. You are a testimony! God has blessed you and made you who you are today, oh Hallelujah! So, therefore, find every reason to be thankful.

For you who feel you haven’t achieved anything yet for the year, and 2020 is running down, there is still time to make little adjustments and believe 2021 will be far better.

Don’t withhold God’s praises today, give it to Him truthfully, let it be as a sweet-smelling savour unto Him, and I pray He accepts it as an offering. Amen!

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