3 Things You Must Not Do To Your Hair This December

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I know a lot of us will be using this weekend to prep our hair for the Christmas celebration.

Before you go about flaunting that beautiful hair all over the place, you must consider the health of your hair and scalp particularly.

So let’s see these 3 must DON’Ts

1 Glue
I know we want to you want to rock the best human hair looking your absolute best. But be mindful of the glue used on your scalp. Some people actually react to glue if they are allergic to one or two of the ingredients found in the product.

Glues can as well block your pores, can burn out and dry your scalp. In the process, could potentially damage your follicles, leading to severe hair loss.

2 Heavy extensions…
As one who wears my hair in its natural state most of the time, one question I get asked often is… ‘Anty, won’t you make your hair?’ I smile and tell them that my hair is made.

We live in a world where hair extensions is seen as the real deal, the ultimate hair style. Other than that, you have not started. I’m not saying not to wear extensions, but please and please, don’t make them too heavy.

Heavy extensions cause headache and result in hair thinning.
You will find it hard to even have a sound sleep, all in the name of ‘Oge‘ (beauty). You don’t want to start the new year treating bald spots, do you?

3 Tight styles
Where are my fellow braiders (those of us that can braid for Africa 😂). This is the time that stylists go out of their out of their way to show their prowess.

My sister, at the end of the day, you are the one that will bear the cost o.

See eeeh, this Christmas and New year will continue to come and go. Yes, read that again.

Christmas actually doesn’t finish, next year, we will celebrate another Christmas again.

New year? Every new day is actually a new year. Of course, we celebrate a new calendar year but your hair mustn’t go with the year.

What am I saying in essence, make your styles beautiful, but not at the detriment of your hair’s health.

I want to challenge you, consider your hairs health as you beautify your face this season.

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See you soon



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