5 Habits to Cultivate if You Want To Lose Weight

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Do you want to lose weight? Then you should know that losing weight is more than just making a decision, it is a journey on it own, the journey you need to embark upon every day.

Almos all women that considers themselves fat or chubby want to shed some weight, in fact, some slim women too wish to let go some fat in some areas or at least, maintain the slim stature.

If you decide you want to lose weight or shed some fats, there are some habits you need to imbibe, habits that should live with you every day.

Keep track of your steps:

create a habit of trekking and stick to it. Instead of driving, taking a bus or bike to cover a trekkable distance, you should trek.  One of the ways to know how far you go each day is to keep track of your steps. to do this, you could use a step-tracking device or download an app.

Keep track of your meal

keep track of your calorie intake. Your body weight does not totally depend on your calorie intake but it plays a very important role. Overeating is not a habit you should imbibe if you want to lose weight. I know it may be hard to say no to yummy delicacies, but you need to always exercise self-control where food is concerned.

Regular Excercise

most of us dislike this one but we need it is necessary. The secret is not in exercising every day, it is in being consistent. There are free mobile apps that you could use to target specific parts of the body. I can recommend Better Me, with this app, you only need to spare some minutes every day to do some basic work out

Cut down carbs

if you wish to lose weight, rice in the morning, fufu or garri in the afternoon and yam in the evening should not be your thing. You need to eat more fibre as it aids digestion and bowel movement. Add more fruits, vegetables ane more protein to your menu. Eat healthily.

Drink lots of water

I hear some ladies talk about how they can survive on only one sachet water (50cl) from morning till evening how I wonder how they do it. Drinking water may not be fun as it is tasteless and somehow boring, but you should not wait till you want to eat before you gulp down some water. Having a bottle of water close by helps a great deal in keeping this habit, in no time, you will get used to it.

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