6 Things You Don’t Know About Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo

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Pastor Funke Felix Adejumo is a woman of many controversies, perhaps, many people would not have been exposed to her messages if not for the various controversies following her.

Just last year, she was in an online face-off with Daddy Freeze, another controversial figure and founder of the #FreeTheSheeple movement. Daddy Freeze, who is also a popular online had a face-off with Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo and other top pastors over tithe issue.

Aside from different controversies following the woman of God, most people do not know much about her, most especially her grass to grace story.

We bring you some things you may not know about this woman of God


She became born again at the age of 14, and according to her, it was one experience that turned her life around.

She was born into a poor family

You only need to watch or listen to Pastor Funke once or twice to hear her background story she is always eager to share with the world. She once said, ‘my family was so poor that poor people us poor’. In an interview she granted Punch, she was quoted as saying, “I can’t remember what my mother didn’t sell in her lifetime and it ranged from oranges, maize to pounded yam. I hawked so much that I still have a scar at the center of my head to show for it. When my brother was ill, we sold all the plates in the house. So, my mother would pound cocoyam and put it in my palms (where I fed on). The reason why today I hate mushrooms (my mum plucked them from a neighboring farm) is because we couldn’t afford meat or fish.”


Though born into a poor family, her family still managed to send her to school. As expected, paying her tuition was hard, but she persevered, but not without missing some days in school. She said: While in school, I remember those days when I would not be able to pay my school fees, even though I was the head girl in my school then. I had to wait for about two weeks before I could go back to school. My father had to do some menial jobs to be able to raise my school fees. Eventually, I graduated from school.”

She later attended a college of education to obtain a National Certificate of Education and later proceeded to obtain a degree years later. She is currently running her Masters Program.


Bishop Felix Adejumo started Agape Christian ministeries alongside Pastor Funke just two years after her marriage. She revealed in a message she shared at House on the Rock that she was not supportive of her husband during the first years of their ministry. She said she used to tell her husband she did not marry a pastor and therefore cannot be a full part of the ministry. She later yielded her heart after the Lord warned her she will be replaced as Bishop Felix’s wife and mother to their children. See video of her testimony below



Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo is a philanthropist. Her passion to help the poor prompted her to establish Funke Felix-Adejumo Foundation. She founded Grace Orphanage, the construction of the Children’s hospital and other avenues she uses to reach the poor in the society.


Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo Married Bishop Felix Adejumo in 1984. Speaking about her husband, she said, “Fantastic man of God. I’m tempted to call him an angel but I know he’s not because he’s human. He’s a very secure man who believes that you can rise and allow others to rise too.

“He once told me that I should not allow myself to die under his shadow. He also said to me that there is so much from my inside that my generation is waiting for; and that as I’m helping him, he also will help me. I wish that all husbands are like my husband. He has his own shortcomings as a human being. But if I get to heaven and there is another opportunity for me, I will marry him again.”

 The marriage is blessed with four children (all married), five grandchildren and many adopted children.

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