Before You Take The Next Step, What Are You Living For?

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This question took me a whole lot of period before I could answer or give a reply to it. This is a question every lady or woman must give a reply to. Before considering a proposal from a guy, starting a business, taking a course at the university, or taking a major decision in your life, you should attend first to this question.

Let me ask you again…

What are you living for?

Take a pause to answer before you continue reading.

Are you living to please your parents or friends? Are you living because you want to possess beautiful buildings coupled with other luxuries?

It is true that you have your life to live but why do you have to forget the giver of life?

Do you ever imagine why you scale through the little accidents that could have turned fatal?

Do you pause to think about why you were able to scale through the trying times that made some dead?

How about those minor sickness you had that caused the death of some other ladies that are not even up to your age?

Putting the giver of life (God) into consideration gives you a clear view of why you are still living.

Every woman, lady or girl must live to the godly standard!

Knowing and understanding what you live for fix you properly into the plans of God. Fixing into the plans of God means you have an understanding of your purpose.

Before you give an answer to what you are living for, state your Purpose first. If you don’t have a clear definition of why you were created you cant get a true picture of why you are still living.

To stand up high as a woman, lady o,r girl, you need to understand the purpose.

So, let me reframe my question…

Dear sister, what is your purpose?

Purpose is why you have been created which in the long run gives you a concrete explanation of what you are living for.

Purpose is never too early or late to discover. Forget about your present age; you could be young or old like you claim but the earlier you understand your purpose the better for you. With your purpose, you can live a life full of impact.

In short, you should live for God by fulfilling your purpose.

How do you get to know your purpose?

The answer in a clear term is, SEEK GOD.

Then you will seek Me, inquire for, and require Me [as a vital necessity] and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13 AMP). To seek God is to inquire of and require him.

Get to know your purpose before you say I DO to the next guy or take up the next business idea.

To a fulfilled life.




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