Betty Irabor Advises Women That Have Experienced Miscarriage

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Betty Irabor, Founder and CEO of Genevieve Magazine has sent words of encouragement to women that have experienced miscarriage to stop blaming themselves and move on

Describing the experience as nasty, the 63-year-old media mogul said she once went through a miscarriage and an almost miscarriage.

She added that miscarriages are not the fault of the woman so there is a need to get over the guilt so that healing would begin.

She said, “I have had a miscarriage & a near miscarriage & the experience is bloody nasty. U blame yourself 4 what u cld or should have done differently. D guilt consumes u,” she wrote on Thursday.

“Truth is, It’s not ur fault. U didn’t bring it upon urself. Try & set urself free from d guilt so u can begin to heal.”




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