Emmanuella Mike-Bamiloye Shares Tips on Getting Over a Crush

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Emmanuella Mike-Bamiloye shares a story of the time she had a crush on someone who the Lord said no to when she prayed. Learn the importance of waiting on God

Permit me to tell you a short story about myself…
Once upon a time, some years ago, I liked a guy. He was my senior in medical school, we both attended the same fellowship. He was good looking, tall, God fearing and well behaved.

Somehow we got talking when we both found ourselves on a road trip to a Christian medical conference. As time went on, we got more found of each other and as expected, feelings began to brew. Before allowing things to go too far without having direction from God, I decided to ask God whats up? If he was His will or not. In my heart of heart, I wanted to do God’s will irrespective of what my feelings dictated.

As I knelt down in my room, I heard God tell me he wasn’t the one and those words came with so much peace. I immediately knew what to do; I couldn’t continue the situationship and let either or both of us get hurt.

I explained everything to him and he, being a child of God totally understood. So we kept things platonic thereafter until some years down the line, one lonely day when my emotions decided to misbehave. I was in my room in my final year, my roommate was engaged and a quarter to marry and I didn’t have nobody.

I was scrolling through Facebook and there he was. He had graduated and we were no longer in touch but seeing his picture, the feelings started coming back. After struggling with them, I finally succumbed and chatted him up. We were both single and I began to ask myself “did God really say he wasn’t the one?”, “Maybe God told me ‘no’ then so I can focus on my studies, perhaps it’s now a yes”. I began to rationalise and started considering treading a path I shouldn’t.

Thank God for His mercies and prompt intervention, l spoke to a senior friend about him and that person spoke some sense into my head. That was how it ended.
Now, why did I just tell you this not so short story lol? I believe it can be a lesson to someone.

Our feelings cannot be trusted and should not be used as a yardstick in making important decisions like entering a relationship. They can disappear as fast as they develop. You need more than feelings to determine if someone is right or wrong for you.

Truth is, everyone experiences those ‘lonely’ moments when you wish you had someone. Even Adam had his fair share. Remember that God saw that Adam was lonely and as a result, He created Eve.

Don’t allow the loneliness overwhelm you, shake it off and get occupied. God is creating your Eve/Adam. Don’t let him or her come and meet you in a situationship with the wrong person, wait on God.

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