Heather Lindsey Gives Important Tips on Losing and Maintaining Healthy Weight

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American preacher, Christian lifestyle coach and a mother of three, Heather Lindsey as shared an important tip on how to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

According to the preacher, a person’s eating habit is very important in maintaining a healthy weight.

She said exercises are useless if not accompanied by healthy eating lifestyle.

Read the excerpt below:

Oh, the joys of working out with children running around! 😂⁣

If I can keep it real, my body is not the same after having three kids. I’m thankful for the gift of pregnancy and that I housed these little gifts. However, my snap back wasn’t the same after the 3rd kid.⁣

I recall seeking the Lord about what to do. He showed me that my eating habits changed. With kids, I may not have time to make a smoothie every morning like I used too. With kids, I may take a bite of their French fry that I wouldn’t typically eat. And eating? I eat most of my meals (besides dinner) standing up and fast because I’m playing a referee with these kids. I used to eat a salad before every meal and now I rush to just eat .. food. #SurvivalMode 😂

I’ve learned that I can’t out exercise a bad diet. You can work out all day but if you aren’t eating well then your body won’t change. ⁣

Eating is 80% and working out is 20%.⁣

So, if you’re struggling with losing weight, toning or whatever, ask yourself:⁣

⁣ “Is the food I’m eating dead or alive? ⁣

Will it give me energy? ⁣

Will it fuel my body to do what God has called me to do? ⁣

Did I kill off the nutrients when I slow cooked the food for 12 hours?⁣

Is it beneficial to eat this donut before I go to sleep?

Do I eat when I’m bored?

Am I using food to fill my voids?”

Cheers for renewing your mind. Let’s do something different. Let’s eat those raw fruits and veggies, let’s swap out unhealthy food, let’s drink water, let’s plan ahead and not eat out as much, let’s work out 3-4x a week, let’s trust God, let’s stop being led by our flesh, let’s do something different this year. 👊🏼⁣

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