Heather Lindsey Speaks On Kanye West’s Conversion

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Kanye West’s switch to Christianity has generated different reactions from different quarters with many criticizing the former hip-hop singer for running services when he is a new convert.

Popular preacher and author, Heather Lindsey has shared her own thought on the matter. She called on Christians to pray for Kanye West instead of criticizing him. She said,

#throwback to 2005 when I worked at Def Jam. I was working in marketing and one of the projects I worked on was Kanye West. He was hands down one of the most passionate artists I ever worked with. ⁣
I completely believe that the Lord sent me there to be a light at that company as He sent me to other companies during that season as well. ⁣

Heather Lindsey Speaks On Kanye West's Conversion

I was known as the “Jesus girl” who had her bible open, worship music playing with her curse jar. I worked my butt off but I let folks know that I was a Christian and I didn’t stray from that. ⁣

I recall going to the studio to get artwork approved from Kanye + other artists. I was always in and out and I desperately wanted everyone to know Jesus. ⁣

🚨I’m getting a ton of questions from people wondering about my thoughts on Kanye’s Sunday services.🚨

My thoughts?? Based on what he’s said, he is using these Sundays to HEAL. Ya’ll act like the man started a strip club.⁣

No. He started a church. I think of Paul who was once Saul in the Bible. He was known for killing Christians and when He was radically saved and started preaching to Christians – they were afraid because he was KNOWN as a murderer. ⁣

What are you KNOWN as?? What if you are trying to get your life together and get saved and everyone keeps reminding you of your past on a public forum?? ⁣
A person can get saved in the last 5 minutes and who are you to judge if @kanyesundayservices are legit or not? ⁣

They sing about Jesus. Preach about Jesus and the Lord is using Kanye to bring people to church that haven’t been in the past.⁣

I had to converse with Kanye for work a lot back in the day. He DEFINITELY wasn’t talking like he is now. Only Jesus can truly change a mans heart! ⁣

So, let’s stop bashing the man. Let’s pray for him and his family. His church may not be for you but it’s ok – there’s a few million other pastors and churches that you can be a part of. ⁣Remember that God uses WHOSOEVER is WILLING.

Philippians 1:18 “But that doesn’t matter. Whether their motives are false or genuine, the message about Christ is being preached either way, so I rejoice. And I will continue to rejoice.”


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