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How a Woman Ended a Relationship Cause the Man Can Cook Better

Imagine having a husband that that can cook better than you. While many women may see this as a blessing, some others may fee other wife.

An editor at DutchReview, Chuka Phillip-Johnson revealed how his girlfriend broke up with him simply because he could cook better than her.

While responding to some questions on twitter “Have y’all ever dated someone that was jealous of you?”, he revealed a lady he dated once broke up with him because he cooks better and he also enjoys it.

According to him, the lady was jealous of his skills and felt intimidated he was better in a role that should be hers.

He said, “Yeah, it was a Nigerian lady. She felt somehow threatened, and was extremely jealous when she found out I could cook (better than her). She was one of those girls raised in a traditional home, where cooking is a woman’s job. She used to call the kitchen, ‘her office’.

“Since I love to cook, and wanted to cook almost all the time, she said I had succeeded in taking away one of the things that made her a woman. It was a very weird dating phase and didn’t last that long. Imagine someone breaking up with you because you cook better than her. Lool.”

What do you think? Do you believe a man knowing how to cook better than the woman is a challenge on her position in the family?

Folukemi Priscilla

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