How Fixing Artificial Nails Lands Me In Trouble – Nigerian Woman Cries (Photos)

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A Nigerian woman simply identified as Maureen Sylvia has taken to microblogging platform Nairaland to share the horrible experience she had after fixing artificial nails.

According to Maureen, she lost a fingernail two months ago but losing a big toenail marks the turning point for her as she decided not to fix artificial nails ever again.

In her own words, “Honestly I’m done fixing nails. It’s not my calling at all cry cry cry cry. I lost my fingernail two months ago. Early this week I lost my big toenail embarrassed. It’s painful. It hurts to cry.  E pain pass heartbreak cry cry cry.

“I went for treatment and was charged 10k to pull out the remaining nail on my big toe, I Was injected on my toe twice to reduce the pains. omooorr I cried like a baby very painful something… Look at what fixing artificial nails has caused me.

“Now I’m at home today, limping… I won’t go for business nor deliveries today… I’ll continue tomorrow and still go back this evening for dressing. Have you had this experience before?

“How did you treat yours? How long did it take your nails to grow back again?

She, however, did not give details about what went wrong the two times she had to removes her nails.

This is another call for women to be mindful of allowing unprofessional manicurists and pedicurists to work on their nails as falling into wrong hands may expose the nails to serious infections which, in some worst cases may lead to amputation of affected fingers or toes.

See Photos Below:

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