How I Opened and Closed A Church I Started Years Ago – Ada Jesus

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A female minister of the gospel Ada Jesus has narrated how she started a church out of pure ambition but had to shut it down after the Lord convicted her she was not on the right part.

She recounts how she decided to start a church after graduating from a bible college. According to her, instead of following the leading of the Holy Spirit, she was focused on the quickies ways to grow a church. Read her confession below.

I love to share this so many can learn from it. I started a church years ago with few desperate, immature and men under the system of religion with the notion of “open your own church” syndrome, our goal after Bible College is to open our own church and start gathering crowd, it’s all about crowd because this is the main thing we learned from Bible College, CROWD GATHERING.

After receiving serious marketing and packaging strategy of how to gather crowd fast and flourish in ministry, I anchored and put our strategy to work, we were all surprised when over 40 people turned up for the first service after a powerful write-up from my grooming lesson received from successful church marketers at the Bible College. All was looking good, but unfortunately, all we presented to them was nothing from the gospel of Christ but our Bible School Manuals, O yes! We preached all the jargon they gave to us with nothing to point Christ to them, guess what! It worked like magic.

Everything was going well in our direction, all packaged and man-made gathering full of flesh with no Spirit attached to it, and we were able to woo the crowd all the time as they gathered and they began to increase. But one day, I sat down and became troubled in my Spirit, I stopped using my fake notes and began to study and also listen to messages, I was led in my spirit on Youtube to Christ-filled Preachers, but when I saw “Robert Breaker” bang! My eyes opened, I couldn’t believe how far I was from Christ yet claiming to lead others to Him (This is the case of many Preachers out there today.)

My next step was to close down the church, I spoke to my friends and that was the end of it. We closed that hall and went online, but we continue to grow in power and grace and still waxing stronger today. I closed that church because we set it up as a business ignorantly not to make money but because that’s how it was handed over to us “MONEY-MAKING CROWD STRATEGY.”

When I met Jesus, I learned that church planting “the pentecostal way,” is a dysfunctional pattern with no Christ as the foundation but found on man’s gift, effort, knowledge, and years at the Bible College, this is a wrong model, but this is what many use today. They groom young Ministers on how to target vulnerable crowds and present man-made lying solutions than presenting the word of truth which will lead them to Christ and the finished work of redemption.

I was able to close down the church because I’m not after crowd but after Christ, years later we’re back to true believer’s fellowship laid on the foundation of Christ and led by the Holy Spirit where we nurture, equip and edify men only in the knowledge of Christ and the finished work of redemption. It is nothing but an ordinary fellowship where we all sat with as members of the Body of Christ as we share the word. There’s no more pulpit drama, but brethren sitting and discussing the Kingdom of Christ as fellow-citizens of that kingdom, we are all equal, filled with the Spirit and OMG! It is so beautiful. To the glory of God today we have disciples filled with the knowledge of the word of truth centered on nothing but IN CHRIST ALONE.

I look back today and I’m glad I stick to Christ, not crowd Christ has delivered me from selling my soul to the devil as many have done in their quest to make and break it in ministry.


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