How to Deal With The In-laws – Pastor Kemi Oyedepo

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Learning how to deal with the in-laws is like a weapon women must arm themselves with to ensure a blissful marriage.

An ugly relationship with the in-laws may spell doom for a union, hence, the need to learn how to follow and maintain peace.

In this piece, Pastor Kemi Oyedepo of Living Faith Church shared some important tips on how to deal with the in-laws. Read and be blessed.

If you’re married, how do you relate with your in-laws? Are you truly like family or are you more like strangers/acquaintances? It’s not a MUST for you to be best friends but it sure adds a lot of beauty and color to your marriage and family life when there’s genuine love between you and your spouse’s family.

Not all in-laws are open to building bridges of love and they may even express love differently but if you have the opportunity to express love in words and in deeds, do not let it pass you by. Don’t allow offenses get in the way of being a vessel of love towards them. If it means you have to love them from afar until they come around, by all means, do so. In fact, pray for them if that’s all you can do for now. And when you see progress, give God thanks.

Please note that nobody is perfect and they will make mistakes here and there. So will you. No matter how you feel, give them due honor; at least they raised a good spouse for you. That should be enough reason to make every effort to grow in your love relationship with them.

If you have a damaged relationship with your in-laws, be assured of my prayers for you. Release yourself from unforgiveness and bitterness and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to pursue peace by all means. Seek godly counsel, do the very best you can and God will honor you.

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Refrain from speaking ill against them and if your spouse insults them, particularly their parents, NEVER ever join in. You must be the voice of reason, reminding him/her of the dangers in disrespecting parents (Prov. 20:20). In all this, never forget that you also will be an in-law someday by God’s grace, and you will need grace extended towards you. So, whatever you do now is a seed sown towards your future. If you’re still single, you can learn from this. Wishing you God’s best in your marriage and family life. Blessed weekend. Cheers…

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