I Did Not Love Bro Mike When I Agreed To Marry Him – Evang Gloria Bamiloye

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Love may not be enough when one is about to choose a marriage partner.

Evangelist Gloria Bamiloye has revealed that she did not have any special feelings for her husband, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye when he proposed to her.

She said the will of God must always come first in the choice of a marriage partner and love will follow.

According to her, though she respected her husband who was her colleague in the drama ministry then, she never had special feelings towards him.

The gospel actress who was admonishing singles in an event said that she didn’t take him serious until she was fully convinced he was the will of God for her.

In her own words, “after I was fully convinced of the will of God and I accepted to marry him, I still found it very difficult to have any special affection or feeling for him. I remember I prayed and told God to help me love the brother and God did it.”

She goes further to say that God’s will for someone generates a great love that cannot be expressed but felt, she said “it goes beyond the physical, it comes from your spirit, the real man.

It is important you accept God’s will for your life even when the person is below your expectation because God knows you better than you think you know yourself.”

Getting married to the will of God according to the Evangelist opens one up to the benefits God has deposited into the right partner for them.

She says many have lost their partners because they failed to realize they are God’s will for them because, “no man can delay or hinder his plan from coming to pass.”

She however did not rule out love in totality as she said, “love is essential in relationship because God Himself is love. If God will be in the centre of any marriage union, the couple must walk in love.”

She describes the love that God puts in partners as beyond feelings and infatuations, but one without conditions and one that is sacrificial. And it takes been rooted in Christ to experience this kind of love.


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