How To Know You’ve Overcome Greed – Rev Funke Felix-Adejumo

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Popular preacher of the gospel and Senior Pastor of Agape Church, Reverend Funke Felix-Adejumo has revealed how a believer will know if he or she has overcome greed.

According to Rev Funke Adejumo, paying tithe, first fruits and giving to the poor is one of the ways a believer will know he is over greed.

She said as his children, God takes us through different phases to process us for what is ahead of us.

in her own words,

“Whatever you are going through, God is processing you for what is ahead of you. My husband says if your hands cannot your hand cannot handle it. You are praying, God give me one million, God give me…you can’t pay your tithe out of it, you can’t help people, you are so stingy, you are so greedy. When you pay tithe or you give first fruit or you bless people, it’s a sign that you have conquered greed. But if you are tight-fisted, even God cannot see that your hand is empty.”

She said further that some believers will calculate so much that they will collect change on the tithe they pay to the last kobo.

Rev Funke Felix-Adejumo said David was processed, even the stone he used to kill Goliath were processed ones as they were called smooth stones.

She encouraged believers not to mind critics anyone that will be elevated must be criticized.

Watch the video below:

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