Relationship: If You Aren’t Ready, Don’t Go For It

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The question is are you ready?

Are you ready for that relationship?

Are you ready for that friendship?

Are you ready for that marriage?

It’s not all about your abilities and how well you can handle it when you get there. NO, it’s not it, don’t get yourself wrong

For some while, I got to understand this that whatever you aren’t ready for, don’t go for it, no matter what that thing may be, so you don’t crash at the end. Get this!

Many times young people engage in broken relationships, relationships they weren’t sure of, and at the end, it happens to be a tragedy. Why? Because they weren’t prepared and ready for it, they neglect to know the purpose and reasons behind starting up a relationship.

To every young lady who just got to discover God’s purpose for her life should listen to this. Now if you really know what it means or takes to build up your purpose or potentials, you wouldn’t want to joke with it, you will guard it with your whole life.

Young lady, your purpose in life is what determines who you really are and what you gonna be because that actually defines you. If you just got to discover God’s purpose for your life, I urge you to settle down with it and make further plans on how to bring them to reality, because God has entrusted it in your hands believing you will fulfil them. Now it’s beyond seeing them in your dreams and people telling you, but it requires you to work towards it.

Keep aside first anything that will bring hindrances, keep aside relationship goals for the meantime and focus on that which you want to build on and that is your potentials as a woman for it best speaks of you. It’s advisable you keep aside anything that will distract you and focus on what’s on your hand so you will see good results when you begin to work.

Young lady, those great women of the gospel that we see today that some of us tend to emulate and wish to be like them, let me tell you, it’s beyond the emulations, don’t even yet wish to be like them when you’ve not yet discovered your purpose, even when you’ve discovered it, you are not working to see how it comes to reality. These great women we see and hear of today saw the light and they worked towards it. And today they are where they are. It didn’t just happen overnight, they made sure to see it come to reality.

Young lady, if you aren’t ready for that relationship or whatsoever it may be, that you’ve been pressured on don’t go for it. If your spirit refuses it, then you should. Learn to listen to God, and your mind or spirit, this two don’t lie. Don’t start that relationship that you aren’t sure of because in the end you might regret it.

Discover your purpose in life, discover your potentials as a woman, for its beyond having a home, a big house or car. It starts from knowing your purpose, potentials and working towards it. So when you get there and you know you are prepared for it, it won’t look difficult and strange for you to handle, because now you know who you really are.


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