The Right Time To Leave A Relationship – Emmanuela Mike-Bamiloye Tells Singles

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Christian writer and actress, Emmanuela Mike-Bamiloye has advised christian singles not to settle for anyone exhibiting habits or actions that will not be acceptable in marriage.

She said that contrary to popular opinion, marriage does not change people and so it is not wise to continue to stay in a relationship or courtship where one is not valued and respected as marriage will not change such situation.

She further encouraged singles not to look down on themselves or think someone better might not come their way after letting go of the one at hand, adding that the only thing needed is to trust God to give them the very best, .

In her own words, “You are not marrying the change you desire to see in a person, you are marrying the person you see. Never say “he/she will change”. If he doesn’t respect you, love you, honour you now, he’ll certainly not do so in marriage.

“Whatever changes they don’t make now, they won’t likely make in marriage. Therefore don’t settle. Don’t look down on yourself or think you can’t get someone better. If only you trust God, He will give you the very best!

I believe Emmanuela was not saying ‘go look for a perfect spouse’, but there should be deal breakers, somethings that must be present or absent in a relationship before marriage can be considered.

Why do you think some christian singles continue to stay in relationships where they are not valued and respected? Share your opinion in the comment section below, let someone learn from you.


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