7 Things To Consider before Choosing Your Wedding Gown

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You are planning the most important day of your life, hurray! Congratulations on your engagement, but then, we need to get down to business, What type of wedding gown do you want?

Truth be told, the pressure on the bride on a wedding day is indescribable, I mean, anything that goes wrong fall on you as the bride, you are expected to turn to a superwoman overnight, the food that will be served, the drinks, cakes, decorations, even how you look, all these are on you, it’s your day after all, and truth be told, a lot of people that attend a wedding want to see the bride, her wedding gown, her make-up, her hair, both the haters and friends want to see the type of bride you will turn out to be, so believe me, we understand the pressure on you. That is the reason we gathered these tips to help you in choosing your wedding gown.

What type of wedding Are You Planning? 

You need to decide this first before deciding the type of wedding gown that will fit, are you planning a small wedding? Family and close friends kinda thing? Remember this will also determine your location. If you plan to get married in a registry, you may not need to appear in something bogus or big, I have seen brides getting married in a very simple gown or suit, yea, suit. But the choice depends solely on you though; I just want you to know it is not wrong to go simple if you chose to.

Your Body Type

This is where a lot of brides get it wrong. I know you have read a lot of magazines, seen a lot of wedding gowns and along the way, you fell in love with some. The question is, what is your body? Is it the same as the one you saw? I can remember some time ago, I was wondering why some designs that look so good in magazines look so bad on me, then one day it hit me, the fault is not with the designer, the fault is with my choice of style. That it looks good on someone else doesn’t mean it will look good on you, this is the reason you need to look out for a design that will suit you perfectly.

Your Comfort

I am sure you don’t want to appear disorganized and disoriented on your big day right? The more reason you need to choose a style that you are comfortable with. Have this at the back of your mind when shopping for wedding dress ‘comfort is bae’. Don’t choose a style you are not used to if you aren’t used to wearing strapless dresses, don’t start with your wedding gown, a lot of things can go wrong, plus, your wedding day is not the time to experiment with something new. You need to radiate confidence on that day but wearing a gown that you are not comfortable in will definitely deny you of that. Chose what suits you best.

Where Are You Getting Married? 

I can’t even believe I am saying this, but I just have to. Don’t ignore the rules or guidelines laid down for brides in the church or mosque you plan to marry. Sometime last year, I remember I read about a bride whose hair was chopped off by some overzealous ‘mummies’ because her hairstyle was against their doctrine. I have heard about brides being forced to adjust their wedding gown right there at the church. I am sure you don’t want anything like that happening to you. We may criticize such acts all we want, but your day would have been spoilt.

Your Budget

I know you wish to appear dazzling, the cynosure of all eyes, but then, you don’t need to break the bank because of your wedding dress, it is great if you can afford expensive gown, but if you can’t, you can still look great, you just need to have great ideas, know what you want and know the right place to look. I have seen brides look ‘not pretty’ in some so-called expensive dresses, sometimes; it is not just all about having the big money.

Know the type of wedding gown you want

and be definite. This is more important if you will be sowing your wedding gown. Be specific about what you want. Don’t pick the neck from here, the waist from there, the band from another place, if you can’t have a sketch done, then search till you find what you want, or something very close to it. This will prevent your designer from getting confused and spoiling your materials along the way.

Be Unique 

Try to stand out, get ideas from others and modify them to suit you. You are not that model in a magazine. You are you and you need to go for what suits you best.

I really wish you a great wedding ahead. Enjoy your big day.

If you want us to announce your wedding or tell your love story to the world and those that matter to you, don’t hesitate to drop a comment or use the contact form, we will definitely get back to you.

Till next time…cheers!

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