Tope Alabi Reveals Reason She Dresses Well

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Top gospel singer, Tope Alabi, celebrated her 49th birthday last week and she was celebrated by fans across the world. She also posted some lovely pictures to mark the day. Looking simple but elegant, some of her fans commended her dress sense.

In a chat with The Punch, the Angeli Mi singer stated that she always has to show that Jesus is taking good care of her with her dressing. “Being a gospel artist does not limit my fashion expression but I can’t just wear anything.

I make sure that Jesus looks good on me and I ensure that whatever I put on is beautiful. I need to show that Jesus is taking good care of me so it does not stop my fashion expression except that I can’t wear just anything. I can only wear what is beautiful.”

In the midst of celebrating her birthday, Alabi also called out some fraudsters who were impersonating her online. On how she got wind of their activities, the former actress said, “I got to know when people started calling me that some persons had taken money from them under the guise that they had won visa lotteries. Some of the fraudsters also said I was giving out gifts to celebrate my birthday.

They asked some fans to send money so that ‘I’ could bring gifts to their homes. While these fraudsters are devilish, some people are also funny– they should have made checks before making payments to anybody. My original Instagram handle is well known and I would never ask anyone to send me money online.

I keep warning people that they should not fall victim to those crooks. I am so bitter about it and I know that God does not like it. If the evildoers don’t want to be judged by God, they shouldn’t do that anymore. There are several honest businesses they can do to make money.”

Speaking on the inspiration behind her latest album, Orile Ede Mi (My Country), she said, “I got the inspiration directly from the Holy Spirit about six months ago. I got a message that I should pray for Nigeria and I started doing that in my prayer room. I also heard the Holy Spirit say I should do a song that all Nigerians would sing along to wherever they may be. God said that He would settle us a nation and I believe whatever He tells me.

I know that many people have sung about Nigeria, so I decided to talk about what has not been said about the country. There are some mysteries about Nigeria that people don’t know. I pray that God in His infinite mercy would have mercy upon us as a nation. It would be nice if we can set aside a day to praise our creator and pray together. And surely, God will hear us.”

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