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Isn’t it amazing how we keep trying to validate ourselves from the eyes of the others?

We want to feel loved and accepted but our definition of love is based on if or not others say we are loved.

We are too easy to make ourselves feel bad because a friend, colleague, family or even trolls on the social network had made derogatory comments about our appearance or about us generally.

We live life as though we have no word of our own if another person hasn’t stamped a capital YES, to it.

Unfortunately, the more we seek external validation, the more difficult we make life for ourselves.

Until we learn to accept our being for who truly are, we will live life baseless and feeling empty.

One way to achieve this through caring and loving your hair. Yes, your own hair!

Loving your natural hair, it’s tantamount to loving yourself.

If you accept your hair and what it can do to your self image, you will have brighter days and happier hair.

You can’t hate what is growing from inside you, can you?

Your hair is growing naturally out of your head, not accepting it means you don’t want a flawless natural hair journey nor self acceptance.

You admire other people’s hair and wish could you have same or similar hair, right? What do you do to get it as you you had wished?

Come on, put in the work, it wouldn’t come by wishful thinking.

Seeing your inner beauty (starting from your hair ) reflect on how you view things, it changes your perspective. You think more of the positives than the negatives.

As your hair thrives……, you see the world as a beautiful place to thrive in. You fall in love with you more.

You make effort to show more love to others because you have loved yourself first. You have become an embodiment of love.

In return, you are surrounded by love. People love and show you love.

Loving becomes natural to you.

Accept your hair, nurture it, it will thrive and grow while you glow.

Watch this space as I will be sharing more hair growth tips from my 2 years experience of growing my natural hair.

See you soon..

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