What’s Your Perspective?

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This is a question every human who is running the race to success should answer. Picturing the bright side of life. I ask once more:


Have a deep thought towards this question, before you go further to read. If possible you can write it down for your own benefit.

Your PERSPECTIVE can be your view, take, motive, belives, actions, thoughts etc.

Christians of today face much problems when it comes to their perspective towards life. Some times they think their perspective towards life is right but it’s totally wrong.

You can’t tell me you want to succeed or you want to get that Job and your perspective towards getting it is wrong.

People tend to have wrong motives about their lives, maybe thinking they can’t make it again because they are still dwelling on their past failures, refusing to let go of their past.

People speak and see negativity instead of positivity in the matters of life. The Bible says life and death lies in the tongue.

Life is all about “PERSPECTIVE”. Life is all about how we see things.

The way you see things matters a lot. Let your visions be wide and bright. Don’t think and dwell on the limitations and failures of the past.

“Perspective is more than seeing the bright side, or just looking at something positively or negatively because what we see depends on what we are looking for”.

As someone who is aspiring for greatness, you need to eliminate phrases from your vocabularies like “I can’t do it”, “I’ve got no enough capital to start up this business”, “Am not good enough”, “I have nothing to eat”.

Your thinking mentality should be different, how you see things should be different from the way others see theirs.



     GOOD THING TO TRY”. Get this!!!

Speak positivity, confess positivity, see positivity, walk in positivity, seat in positivity. See Posibbility in every thing you do, negativity shouldn’t be seen or known as part of you. Look beyond the present and see far above the future.

Remember when God spoke  to Abraham when He called him out of his kindred. God said to Abraham, ” Look, as far as your eyes can see”…. Abraham perspective changed, he wasn’t looking at the present because he had no child then, but humanly speaking it looked impossible with man. But it all came to pass. That was God’s promises.

Don’t look at the little you have now, just start with it and see how God multiplies it. Just like how Jesus fed Five thousand men with five loaves of bread and two fishes, there was multiplication when Jesus gave thanks. Do likewise today when you feel you don’t have enough, “GIVE THANKS”

Try not to be like the Philips, cause that’s what the enemy wants.The Philips are negative in their thoughts, they see things impossible, even when they haven’t made any attempt.

God wants us to be like the Andrews who are positive in their thinking, they see everything possible.

If you must reach to the peak of your success or greatness, your perspective must be renewed and changed. Choose to see above that limitations, don’t get tied to it. God is telling you today that; “As far as your eyes can see…, that’s what you will get. Don’t be limited, because our God is Unlimited.

TAKE NOTE: You are to walk and work with people who’s perspective towards their own lives are good because it will also affect you too.



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