How Christian Wives Are Demanding For Leave My Man Alone Oil

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A South-African based Evangelist and IT expert, Charles Awuzie how some Christian wives had asked him for ‘leave my man alone oil’.

One of the women revealed she wanted the oil to stop her husband from cheating on her. Read the full excerpt below

You won’t believe how many wives who inboxed me to ask for the “Leave My Man Alone Oil”.
The only reason why there are still false prophets is because there are many false Christians.
My greatest shock was when I discovered that some of the people ordering the oil have been following this page for quite some time and had even commented against false prophets…
3 Nigerian women asked for the oil…
2 Zambian women told me they want to use the oil to stop their men from cheating on them… And another from Namibia also asked for it.
Someone from Ghana went to the extent of sending me her husband’s picture and asked me to print the picture out, pour the oil on the picture and prophesy that her husband’s manhood will never get hard if he tries to sleep with another woman.

Let me quickly teach this rare truth – no oil or prophet can stop your husband from crushing on another woman….. Men are sexual beings and are easily attracted by what they see… Your man needs to have only one thing to look at other women and still stick to you… That thing is called SELF-PRIDE… I will tell you this from my personal experience as a man… Every day, I mean every hour, I meet the kind of women I could say HI to… But when I remember that I AM CHARLES AWUZIE, a Reformer, a dad, a husband, a trusted friend and a mentor, my SELF PRIDE stops me from going beyond the safe zones… Self-pride comes from the consciousness of your IDENTITY… (Stop demonizing pride)… Pride is different from arrogance… There is positive pride and that’s what you need to give to your man. The question is how do you instil pride in your man? First, daily remind him of who he is…… Men are like children and easily forget who they are.. Here’s a strategy – Call them by their professional designation or title when they misbehave… Nothing resets a man’s mind than when he is reminded of his status in the society… If he is a pastor and you catch him looking at another girl, just smile and say “P.A.S.T.O.R-PASTOR”…. ☺… He will remember himself and take control of his mind… If he is a doctor, do the same…. This is the secret about men… We are proud beings… If you can pull the string of our pride, you can control us.

But if you catch him looking at another girl and you start cursing him and calling him a dog, trust me, you can buy “Leave My Man Alone” oil from Bushiri and your man will end up using that oil as a lubricant with his girlfriends on your matrimonial bed. 🤞

I also don’t advise women that giving more sex to your man will stop him from hunting for another woman… The truth is that men don’t cheat for sex… This is an ancient misconception… Men cheat out of CURIOSITY… (say CURIOSITY)… Men are naturally curious about the body of women… A girl once told me that her boss once got her naked but didn’t penetrate her… It didn’t make sense to her but it made sense to me… Her boss was just curious about her body but didn’t actually want to have sex with her… So the problem is in the minds of men.. Yes, the battle is in our mind…our imagination.. Our fantasies… Our mind… Not the penis.. Just The mind. It is the mind that controls the penis….. It takes a highly intelligent and intentional woman to hack into the mind of her man to Uninstall certain mental deposits and install the right operating system.

This shouldn’t have been the job of the wife if mothers and fathers raised their son with the right mindset…. In our world, parents check the virginity of the girl-child frequently but nobody holds the boy-child accountable about his Sexuality. A teenage boy impregnates a girl and he will be excused as been a ‘boy’ while the girl would be forced to miss out in her academic pursuit. So the male grows up to become Sexually irresponsible and that’s what causes drama in marriage because the wife becomes confused as to why she can control her sexual urges but her husband can’t. It is in the man’s mind – not his penis. Get into his mind and heal his mind. Don’t pour oil on his penis lest you lubricate him for his next adventure.


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How Christian Wives Are Demanding For Leave My Man Alone Oil How Christian Wives Are Demanding For Leave My Man Alone Oil

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